Where’s Your Son Leaking Velocity?

And What’s His Plan To Seal The Leaks?

Inside My 3-Day Core Velocity Training Program, I will not only show you exactly where you’re leaking velocity… You will leave with a customized program, in-hand, before you ever walk out the door.  


Here’s a quick snap-shot of what to expect:

  • Friday: You will get your velocity and mechanics scanned for leaks.  We will pin-point exactly what’s holding you back on the very first day.

After we’ve found the leak, you will immediately begin a customized routine made just for you.  In fact, most pitchers fix their own leak before they ever leave the door.

  • Saturday:  You will get a first-hand look at the Neu-Core Velocity Systems and walked through step, by step, how to become your own pitching coaches and make physical adjustments on the spot.

This is by far the favorite part for most parents.   They can’t believe their eyes.  In fact, most parents tell me they’ve seen bigger changes in 24 hours than they ever did inside of 24 pitching lessons.

  • Sunday:  Here’s where I show you how to put it all together to throw an easier fastball with more juice behind it.  It’s also where I show which breaking ball God intended for you to throw, along with the fastest way humanly possible to boost your confidence.  (It’s amazing how quickly pitchers grasp advanced concepts once they can FEEL what you’re talking about.)

Not only will your son seal the velocity leak holding him back…

But –

Your Son Will Learn How To FEEL to Become His Own Coach – Make his own adjustments on the spot and look at pitching in an entirely different light… It’s about to get fun again!

Listen to what these Dads have to say about the 3-Day Core Velocity Training Program:

And here’s more….

Mike McCray from Richmond, Virgina says, “I saw a 75% improvement in my son’s lower half” and calls the 3-Day Pitching Program the “best program I’ve been in.”

Doug Barr from South Sioux City, Nebraska calls the 3-Day Pitching Program “far and away better than anything we’ve attended.”

Ed Rose from Melbourne, Florida could see tremendous improvement in his son’s pitching “in just a day and a half.

Greg Skinner from Ohio loved the personal attention and tailor-made program his son received at the 3-Day Pitching Program.

Jeff West from Omaha, Nebraska loved the Program’s emphasis on FEEL:

Nick Mascia says, “Lantz does it best.”

Hey I’m Lantz Wheeler,

Over the past few years, we’ve seen some amazing results using a very simple system trusted by more than 160 NCAA D1 programs and over 20 MLB teams. In fact, we’ve had over 30 kids sign D1 scholarships…

Vanderbilt University – Zack King
Mississippi State University – Glen Irby
Mississippi State University – Keegan James
University of Louisiana Lafayette – Gunner Leger
Georgia Tech – Will Shira

University of Louisvile – Connor Adams
University of Georgia Tech – Jack Friedman

It’s Amazing What’s Realistically Possible Once Your Son Can Actually FEEL How To Become His Own Pitching Coach!

Over the next 5 months…

I will be hosting my annual summer 3-day Core Velocity Training Program and I promise to hold nothing back, revealing everything to you know about velocity training, pitching mechanics, pitch development and arm care. But –I’m only allowing 15 pitchers in to ensure that your son is known on a first-name basis and given the personal attention he deserves.

In order to guarantee you this will be the best investment you’ve ever made in your son’s future and pitching career…

I’m inviting my personal team of friends and colleagues to give your son a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he will remember for the rest of his Life. Inside of the 3-day, intensive hands-on program, your son will personally work with the world’s top pitching coaches, and strength trainers in the game of baseball.

But- Let’s be make no mistake about it.

This is a 3-day pitching program and even if we worked for 72 hours straight, your son will forget most of what he’s learned as soon as he gets in the car, pulls out his phone and nods off on the drive, or flight home…

And that’s why I’ve put in safeguards to protect your investment…

What your son learns from working side by side with the top pitching coaches, and strength trainers is not nearly as important as what he does when he gets home. When there’s nobody there to hold his hand or tell him what to do….

That’s why my team of experts is making sure this doesn’t happen to your son….

Because We Will Personally Hand Your Son A 100% Customized Pitching Program Designed For Him, And Only Him … To Follow Every Single Day For The Next 362 Days

That’s just one reason my pitching programs are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And here’s why I say this…

First of All – The Entire 3-Day Program Is Entirely Centered Around Your Son, And Only Your Son
You’re probably wondering how I can make this statement since we both know there will be 14 others from across the world attending, right?

Here’s why:

  1. Before you ever step foot in the door, you will be sent a questionnaire soon after registering your son for one of the final spots remaining. (As I type this July is already sold out and less than 7 spots remain available for the later dates)
  2. Inside the questionnaire, you will let me know what you and your son are struggling with, listing every possible question that’s entered your head and telling me everything I need to know about your son and what he’s hoping to gain from this once in a lifetime experience.
    If I didn’t have this information…

I would be just like every other pitching coach and this program would be just like every other one you’ve ever attended…

One where you are:

  • Told what you want to hear…
  • Never given an honest evaluation, just a pat on the back, ‘good job’ and and a request to make the check out to “CASH”…
    If you’ve ever attended another pitching camp, you’d realize that most…
  • Waste your time with time-filling exercises we both know have nothing to do with making you a better pitcher

That’s Why Every Single One of My Pitching Camps Are 100% Totally Unique – It’s Why Every Day Is Different – And It’s Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen With Your Own Eyes

And it’s why guys like this are willing to stake their name and reputation to help me make this the best pitching program in the country and it’s also the reason it’s the most expensive. It’s true.

This program is a hefty investment and if you’re worried your son doesn’t have the maturity or personal accountability… I’ll be honest, you’re probably wasting your money.

Brian Bush from Columbus, Ohio says the 3-Day Training Program is “well worth the money spent”:

I say that because my name is on the line and more importantly- I don’t want you to get home and 3 weeks later, you’re wishing you hadn’t thrown away good money because your son isn’t putting in the work or following the customized program he was created by the top experts in the field of pitching.

In case you didn’t know here’s why these programs sell out so quickly.

Your son will:

  • Be one of the first to experience the ‘Neu-Core Velocity System’ program, developed by one of the world’s most respected neurosurgeon that will change the way pitchers are trained and developed… (This program doesn’t require weighted balls or long-toss to work.)
  • Experience the only, one-of-a-kind self-teaching “FEEL” system, giving him the knowledge and ‘know-how’ to make his own adjustments, on the spot…Improve his pitching mechanics and best of all – Become his own pitching coach.
  • Assessed from head-toe to identify any, and all, hidden ticking time bombs that could be responsible for locking up his mechanics and causing arm pain, now or later…. David Ray will be in charge of all testing and he’s ‘the guy’ for over $30,000,000 worth of MLB pitchers.
  • Evaluated and test every off-speed pitch, along with his pitching mechanics, using the Motus sleeve to provide immediate feedback… Plus- we will share with you the 4-step system we use to teach and learn new pitches in the shortest time humanly possible. (This is like cheating, really.)

Finally, your son will learn how to effectively use his entire lower-half to generate “on the spot arm speed”, stop throwing with ‘all-arm’ and most importantly – Take stress off his arm.

Inside of 3 Days Your Son Will Experience The Power Of The ‘Now Famous’ Core Velocity Belt System

Shown a step-by-step system to do this all on his own, when nobody is around. (More in a moment)

But, This Does You No Good Unless You Know HOW To Take The Stress Off His Arm While Adding Spe

And That’s The Career-Changing Secret Training Program I’m Going To Be Creating For 15 Lucky Pitchers To Take Home With Them.

Before I reveal our behind-the-scenes results we’ve experienced, I’m going to share with you some of the eye-popping results we’ve seen while using The Core Velocity Belt.

And keep in mind –

The Boost In Velocity And Reduction Seen Inside The Test Results-Happened In Less Than 10 Minutes And 15 Total Throws! (Imagine What Your Son Could Accomplish Inside 3 Days Of Training!)

To be honest, after I received these results, I wasn’t that surprised.

But, anytime you can provide your pitchers immediate feedback it helps. As we all know, that does you no good if you don’t know how to self-correct to produce consistent results like the ones seen above. Up until now, pitchers and parents had to pay an instructor to stand over them, pointing out everything you were doing wrong and worse, not explaining why, let alone how to fix it.

And Even Then It Was Nothing More Than Guesswork!

Before I reveal how your son will…

  • Identify and Plug the velocity leaks, holding him back and causing un-needed stress on his arm…
  • Discover the safest way to make changes to his pitching mechanics to see ‘head-turning’ results in the shortest time possible…
  • How to consistently throw sharper, later breaking balls, giving the best hitters in your league no chance of being able to tell the difference between the fastball and curveball, until after its too late and he’s headed back the dugout with his knees buckled…
  • Take home a 100% customized training program he can follow every day of the year, to eliminate the guesswork, giving him a crystal clear plan of what he needs to do, where he needs to start and most importantly-What he needs to do next.

Lantz working with the Seattle Mariners

Sadly, most of you reading this won’t have the chance to be one of the lucky 15 participants…

And to be honest, I hate it for your son.

I can’t tell you how many times a year I get calls from parents who are frustrated and saddened by the lack of progress they’re seeing with their son…

Why does this happen?

1. He’s following ‘One-Size’ Fits All, cookie cutter pitching program that suggest he model an elite MLB pitchers’ mechanics, Or…

2. His entire program centers around ‘not getting hurt”…And we all know that staying healthy is important, but when you’re kid is constantly being reminded of his arm being ripped off after every pitch…It’s hard to move forward.

3. He’s never given a clear explanation of why his velocity is low, never taught how to use his lower-half effectively…Instead he’s told to spend time on time-filling conditioning drills that we both know, don’t increase your velocity and have nothing to do with making you a better pitcher.

#4. He’s never been given a clearly defined program to guide him when nobody’s around to help…Never been shown how to fine-tune his mechanics and makeown adjustments…Or given a plan to develop mental toughness.

And what really sucks is…

Their sons are going above and beyond what they are being asked to do by their coaches and instructors and those are the kids that ULTIMATELY SUFFER the MOST!  

Based On The Discussions I Have With 100’s Of Parents A Year….This Seems To Be The Most Common Obstacle Many Young Pitchers Face After Attending Other Pitching Programs….

At first, the pitchers and their parents are excited because they initially see quick improvements, but….it’s not long before those improvements come to a halt and stall out. And the next thing you know, the parents are upset because their son is being passed by other players on the team, taking his opportunity to pitch, and eating up his innings on the mound.


1. Because their velocity peaks, comes to a screeching halt. (Many of these pitchers are stuck at the same velocity as they were a year ago!)

2. Because they can’t throw strikes and were told that’s OK…Some were even told you had to choose between throwing strikes or training velocity because you can’t do both…(That’s a crock if I’ve ever heard it!)

Sadly, the kids are paying the price but it’s not the kids fault. Most of these issues are related to just horrific advice given to them by self-proclaimed pitching guru’s.

And although most parents don’t consider themselves an expert, they quicly realize it’s hard to get noticed by scouts when you’re not getting the opportunity to pitch. And we all know, this game requires pitchers to throw strikes, right?

And if you can’t throw strikes, it’s impossible to show scouts how hard you throw, because you won’t get the chance to pitch!

Let me share a story with you about a Vanderbilt commit, one that was only throwing 72 mph a couple of years ago…

Declared A Soft-tossing Lefty At 15, Heads Started Turning And Recruiters Suddenly Took Notice When The Radar Gun Flashed 89….Pitch After Pitch!

His name is Zach King and I met Zach a couple of years ago. When I first saw Zach he had the ideal pitchers body, and I knew right then and there this kid could be special, even though the local travel teams weren’t giving him a chance to pitch because he didn’t have the velocity they were looking for.

At the time, he was struggling to break 72 mph!

It’s sad, but so many coaches write kids off way too early…And the worst part is-They have no idea how to evaluate a pitcher and it sucks. But what’s really bad is when your hear coaches and instructors telling kids it’s possible for every pitcher to throw 90 mph, if they’re willing to work hard enough. We both know that’s not true, don’t we.

Anyways, over the next two years, Zach played for my summer baseball program and attended every pitching program I offered. It wasn’t long before Zach’s velocity started to climb….

And let’s be honest, most of the results obtained inside so-called ‘velocity programs’ can be credited towards growth-spurts and pitchers simply becoming stronger and more mature.

And it’s sad, but many pitching coaches out there actually tell our kids that you’ve got to choose between throwing strikes or throwing the ball harder. Not true. Like all of my pitchers, Zach’s command got better and better. More importantly, he was learning how to pitch, change speeds and quickly developing swing and miss off-speed pitches keeping hitters off balance.

Each season, his velocity continued to climb.

And It Wasn’t Long before Zach’s Was Clocked At 89 MPH During A Competitive Game, Not Inside An Aluminum Building Using “Velocity Drills”.

And before you knew it, every college coach in the country was blowing up the phone of this lanky, left-hander that until now, was only throwing the ball 72 mph.

But, I wasn’t surprised. The college coaches were begging to know how he was progressing at this rate, especially since he wasn’t nowhere to be found on the map less than 12 months ago. Not me. I knew it would happen. Since attending that first camp, he’s quickly developed into one of the top pitchers in the country and most recently Zach verbally committed to pitching at Vanderbilt University on scholarship.

And I can’t help but wonder how many other kids out there could experience the same results, if only they had the ‘right-coaching’.

Here’s what his Dad had to say about the program…

Allow me to share another story with you…

A concerned high school parent was worried because his son’s velocity wasn’t increasing…And they tried every velocity program you could possibly imagine, with no luck!

Had this Dad not believed in his son so much, or been willing to do whatever it took to give his son every chance to reach his dreams of being a college pitcher…None of this would have happened. It’s hard to believe, but this is the same kid that was told, “He’d never pitch with much velocity…Because he didn’t have it”…Embarrassed and totally defeated every time he heard his instructors and coaches reminding he would never pitch past high school.

And then it happened…

Now, this same kid is a weekend starter for one of the top D1 college baseball programs in the country…Pitching in front of crowded stands lined with MLB scouts holding up the radar gun on every single pitch…Conducting interviews with national newspapers…Showing off his ability to pin-point a 90-93 mph fastball and making it look easy to throw 3 different pitches for strikes, anytime he wants…Filling out cards and questionnaires handed to him from MLB scouts, and professional agents…

And thankful for his Dad for not giving up on him and realizing all he needed was the ‘right-coaching’ and an individual program he could follow the entire year.

Here’s what Tim had to say…
“I first learned about Lantz and his program in the first week of May 2013 and after a brief conversation with Lantz over the phone I knew I needed to get my son started on the program as quickly as possible. My son Gunner is a 6’3 lefty that finished his HS baseball season sitting 80-82 topping at 84 with an occasional 85. He started the velocity program on June 1st and by the end of the summer had jumped to 84-86 topping at 88 and has now hit 89mph. (93 since writing this)

The most impressive thing about the program is that it WORKED!
In fact, this very same program Tim Leger is talking about, is available to your son today is trusted and used by 100’s of college baseball programs and $1,000,000’s of dollars of professional pitchers…Even MLB coaches and executives pay me to consult and count on me to show them the fastest way possible to develop their top draft picks in the shortest time possible.

This program is not a magic potion-It’s a system I developed from my close network of the top pitching coaches in the world to…

“BIO-HACK” the Player Development Code to speed up your son’s physical and emotional development the fastest way humanly possible.

Unlike other pitching programs, where you’re just a number…
I personally guarantee you’re going to get the personal attention you deserve!

And unlike other programs, The 3-Day Core Velocity Training Program is all about pitching and every minute spent is designed to make you a better all-around pitcher.

Using my simple method to calculate time spent at most pitching programs…ASK yourself the following question:

Every second is designed to make you a more effective pitcher

“How much of my son’s time was spent on conditioning drills, that have absolutely nothing to do with truly making your son a better pitcher versus time spent getting hands-on, practical pitching instruction?”

  • You won’t waste your time on 30-45 minute “time-filling” warm-up and conditioning drills!
  • You won’t spend your time watching TV or hearing what someone else does or needs to do…Because this program is about making your son a better pitcher, why do you care what the guy’s son beside you needs to be doing?
  • Your son won’t be forced to sit indian style listening to story time or having to pretend like he’s interested in watching motivational YouTube videos, he can do that at home!
  • Your son won’t be asked to model another pitchers mechanics, only perfect his.
  • Your son will be treated and coached like the first-class individual he is from the time he steps in the door, there’s no cookie-cutting or cattle rustling at this program…He’s more than a number!
  • To make that happen, we’ve got to get to know your son and make him feel like family…Understand his strengths and Identify his weaknesses.

And here’s how we’re going to make it happen for your son:

1. Start by handing your son a t-shirt with his name sewn on the back-so every pitching coach in the room knows him on a first-name basis!

2. Test and identify on the spot, “velocity reducing” movement flaws that can’t be seen on video and can only be tested by a hands-on professional that does this, and only this, for a living!

3. Analyze his pitching mechanics with a “Question & Answer” format video review to eliminate the confusion of your son just shaking his head and acting like he understands, when we both know he doesn’t get it!

4. Identify sore spot “Hot Zones” that are unique to his arm and body and give him a take home arm-care program that he won’t forget, or become overloaded with expensive tools, and can use in just 5 minutes time. (Best part is- it’s only designed for him!)

5. Given a truly unique velocity formula, that’s used by each of my MLB pitchers, BUT- is unique to him (Critical difference)…That instantly identifies velocity leaks inside his pitching mechanics AND provides him with the know-how to plug the holes!

6. Handed a system that teaches him how to FEEL his way around the strike zone to immediately increase his command and ability to throw FASTER STRIKES! (Velocity is only useful when you can throw strikes!)

To create a 100% individual pitching program that’s catered and custom tailored to fit your son’s personal needs, I have limited space to only 15 pitchers on first come-first serve basis.

Here’s what you can expect to take home after the 3 days of attending The Core Velocity Pitching Program:

1. Discover a proven year around program 100% individual program to develop consistent velocity, the safest way possible. ..And finally learn how to use his lower-half effectively to connect his entire delivery from head to toe. (Plus,

2. Quickly learn how to develop and command ‘swing/miss’ off-speed pitches, using a proven self-teaching system used by the Pros-And even better…Introduced to the fastest way humanly possible to throw strikes anytime he wants to keep hitters off balance and constantly guessing what’s coming next. (It’s proof you can increase your velocity without losing a feel for the strike-zone.)

3. Given the mental blueprint to develop a killer, Bulldog instinct, even if he’s normally a passive kid and leave with a newfound confidence and handed a plan to make sure he’s the guy with the ball in his hands at crunch time. (This is the ‘eye-opener’ for most parents and pitchers because they believed you were either born with a killer instinct or you weren’t….So when they’re passive son suddenly becomes a bulldog on the mound, you can imagine what they’re thinking.)

4. Have his pitching mechanics assessed all the way from his toes to his fingertips, leaving nothing left to guess, And shown why his velocity is suffering…But best of all-He will not only leave with a precise plan, tailored 100% to him and designed to fix any and all velocity leaks. (More importantly, your son will be handed the secrets to the system, this portion of the program is so secretive that he’s responsible for writing it down himself for fear of copies being spread and secrets stolen.)

5. Test your son from head to toe, identifying every possible hole inside his mechanics, and even identifying the ticking time bombs hidden inside his body through a functional movement assessment. And the best part is-your son will take home a 365 day pitching program to follow the entire year.

Most parents leave saying…

Day 1: Identify, Assess & Evaluate

Here’s how it works:

The moment your son walks in the door he will be handed an itinerary for the day. But, here’s the deal. The itinerary doesn’t include the entire program and you want to know why? Because I have no idea what we’re going to work on until I test and evaluate your son!

Based on your son’s results, we will begin creating the program. Therefore, no 3-day programs are ever alike! And here’s another thing…Your son will be responsible for taking his own notes…I take this serious because I realize your son has to be held accountable for his own development and I’m going to show him exactly how to make that happen.Here’s how it works, day by day…

Case in point.

1. Your son will kick start the program with a personal video review and functional movement screening that will be the foundation for the remainder of his individual 3 day-program!

2. In other words, based on your son’s video evaluation and functional movement screening, I will prescribe personal pitching drills and a complete warm-up program (that doesn’t require surgical tubing) that is 100% exclusive to him!

3. Your son will learn how to create his very own, 100% unique arm-care program that’s proven to protect the arm and get this…Improve his pitching mechanics at the same time!

Here’s the secret to transferring velocity gains to the mound!

Here’s just some of the secrets revealed inside The Art & Science Of FEEL

  • Discover how to customize his own training program, and know what he needs to do each gary ferguson testand every day, to pitch pain-free…and how a
    common household utility could be the best recovery tool in your box!
  • How to know exactly what to look for and identify on your own, the difference between sore and hurt,
    and why so many pitchers, including doctors, don’t even know.
  • Discover the three most important stretches to a pitcher, and why these 3 are so important, you’re velocity and arm health depend on them.
  • The #1 secret used by MLB pitchers to recover faster, and why they use it even on the days it doesn’t require recovery!
  • Learn why tubing and band exercises could be crippling your arm and pitching mechanics-without you even realizing it! (The 20 arm care exercises I will teach you do not involve any sort of band or rubber tubing)
  • How to increase the total range of motion inside his shoulder, elbow and upper body region without the constraints of tubing or need for a partner.
  • How to instantly identify the difference between sore and hurt!
  • How to identify his typical soreness and create his very own exercises to flush out the pain and prepare him to throw in half the time, guaranteed!
  • Know what exercises to perform the day after throwing, before throwing and even the day your scheduled to pitch!
  • Because your pitching mechanics, velocity, durability and career hinges on protecting your arm from going under the knife….

You’re going to learn how to avoid arm injuries by “fixing” ticking time bombs inside the body that ambush the arm into believing nothing’s wrong….Until its too late!

Here’s what your son will receive:

  • A full head-toe functional movement screening that will identify every possible flaw that could lead to career-ending injury…Best part is- he will take home the correct stretches and strength program to instantly resolve any and all issues!
  • How to increase over-all strength levels using never-before seen exercises that promote velocity and reduce the amount of stress on the arm. (Once I discovered these…3 of my MLB pitchers blew past the 100 mph mark!)
  • How to fully recover in 1/2 the time it takes other pitchers!
  • The secrets to nutrition and sleep that are holding him back!

I can honestly say my entire outlook and belief system changed once I was introduced to David Ray! David Ray is the strength coach and movement performance specialist that trains every single one our MLB pitchers..

He’s trained MLB All-Stars with names like Dan Uggla, Ben Zobrist plus our client list that is made up of over $24,000,000 worth of elite MLB pitchers!

Players from all levels of professional baseball pay him big money for his advice, consulting and personally designed training programs!
His ability to test and identify flaws, that others don’t see, is the #1 reason our MLB pitchers have made obscene jumps from obscurity to rock-star status…

Is your son ready to learn how to increase his velocity without ever picking up a weighted ball?

Day #2:Identify your son’s individual velocity leaks and create his very own 365 day velocity program.

  • Your son will experience first-hand the new velocity program that has college coaches calling me non-stop, MLB pitchers blowing up my email inbox and high school coaches begging to get their hands on it!
  • Hear for yourself and see with your own eyes what the pitching coach, Scott Brown, of Vanderbilt University along with MLB pitchers are saying about The Core Velocity Belt and program…
  • Your son will experience for himself, a self-teaching velocity system that instantly identifies velocity leaks inside his pitching mechanics and he will know for sure, what it FEELs like to use his “other-half”!

Here’s what your son will take from Day #2 of this one-of-a-kind self teaching program…

  • 3 drills that don’t require a baseball that will instantly re-wire you to become more explosive!
  • How to tap into a powerful system contained inside his body to uncover hidden velocity…it’s based on a program used by Olympic Sprinters!
    he real truth is-your velocity program should never, EVER be scheduled!
  • Discover the secret to real velocity, and why your mechanics aren’t the only reason your velocity is lower than expected, even though your constantly told to believe that lie!
  • Be the one of the first to experience the Neu-Core Velocity System, and learn the science behind this new program that will change the way velocity programs are designed!
  • How to identify ‘velocity leaks’ and systematically narrow down, specific mechanics in your delivery that need to be adjusted, but not changed.
  • Learn the #1 mistake made inside most velocity programs and why weighted baseballs are a waste of time, if you can’t do ‘this” first!

But we all know this to be true…

As important as velocity is to your son climbing the ladder…It doesn’t matter if your son can’t throw it in the ocean.

The secret is learning how to increase your velocity inside the Strike Zone!

For years I traveled across the country watching evaluating pitchers and writing them off after they couldn’t throw strikes!

I’m here to tell you as a former D1 college pitching coach, that velocity doesn’t matter if you can’t throw with velocity in the strike zone!

So, here’s what else your son will take home on Day #2:

  • How to FEEL, literally, the difference between a ball and a strike…(It’s the same system I use to train over $24,000,000 worth of MLB pitchers!)
  • How to use a rubber band to develop a swing and miss curve ball or slider to keep hitters off-balance and embarrassed! (My MLB pitchers swear they’re cheating when they do this!)
  • How to structure your bull-pens to increase your command and the best part is- how to self evaluate and go to the bullpen every single time on a mission with a 100% individual plan!
  • The 3 step checklist, used by the top college pitching coaches, that instantly teaches your son how to take control of the mental game and cage his emotions and become a mental warrior!
  • How to instantly improve your breaking ball after learning the real secret, the secret nobody else knows and will probably ever know! (Hint: Think of your breaking ball as an arranged marriage!)

If your son’s ever struggled to throw strikes, keep hitters off balance or struggled to control his emotions…that’s going to change real fast!

In less than 72 hours your son will have the formula in his hand, to become his own pitching coach, win the big games and get seen by more scouts!

Earlier tonight I was speaking to an old friend of mine who is a pitching coach at an SEC powerhouse. We were trading ideas and talking about everything from velocity training-mechanics-to pitchers inability to throw strikes.

And about that time this popped up…

He wanted to know what I did with my pitchers when they struggled to throw strikes, or during the velocity portion of our training program…And my answer?

“It all depends on the player.”

It’s true, everything we do revolves around the player. Today’s players are conditioned and trained using cookie-cutting pitching mechanics, tricked into using one-size fits all velocity programs and at the end of the day when it doesn’t work…

“Blamed for not working hard enough, being lazy, un-athletic and un-coachable!”

He agreed!

So, my question to those of you listening in on our conversation is this…

You do realize that your son is SO much closer to reaching his potential than his coaches and instructors are giving him credit for, don’t you?

Because your son is being tricked into believing he should imitate someone else’s pitching mechanics, he’s moving backwards with cookie-cutter pitching mechanics and doesn’t even realize it!

It’s Time Your Son Learned The Secrets To The Art & Science of FEEL!

Day #3 How to become the only pitching coach he will ever need…(This is the same self-teaching method used by over 100 NCAA Division 1 college baseball programs!)

The Art & Science of FEEL is the program used by 100’s of D1 College Baseball Programs to teach high level pitching mechanics from the inside out on an individual basis. In fact, it’s been called the Ultimate drill system to build high-level pitching mechanics in the shortest time possible. While researching, I discovered information that was so powerful…

It felt like I was cheating!

It went against everything known to coaching. And at first coaches didn’t know what to think but it didn’t take long before they followed suit after they discovered the secret to their players retaining 90% of what they were learning. And soon after I released The MasterMind System in October of 2013, it wasn’t long until

It blew up and over 1,000 coaches, parents, pitchers and instructors from Pee Wee to MLB were using the system…

Here’s just some of the secrets I’m going to reveal to your son…

  • Your pitching mechanics have nothing to do with you throwing balls or strikes…
  • Improper pitching mechanics aren’t to blame for every sore arm.
  • And that’s when the secrets found only inside thePitching Mechanics MasterMind System…

I’m going to give your son:

  • Proof video analysis was the problem for a lot of pitchers, ruined pitching mechanics and created stiff robotic movements…But, could be very useful once pitchers knew how to analyze and fix their own mechanics using a 3 step method.
  • Concrete examples why so many of the drills your performing right now treat the symptom versus the cause…But then I revealed the secret method that turns 1 drill into 147 different drills.
  • Explain why most coaches need to keep their mouths shut…Because most of what they are yelling is the reason your son is failing…
    The truth about the legs and even showed why some pitcher can use their legs and still throw with all arm if they can’t use the “other half” correctly.

Until your son learns what his delivery FEEL’s like and can describe it in his own words, every other form of instruction is nothing more than a “One-Size” fits all method of teaching and it’s why your son is struggling right now!

3 Reasons FEEL Accelerates The Development Process Like Throwing Gas To A Fire

  1. FEEL is the body’s native language.

  2. FEEL allows your son to describe in ‘his own words’ how he best accomplishes a specific drill or movement

  3. FEEL breaks down learning barriers and speeds up the development by a proven 250%

Here’s what else we will cover:

  • Learn why the legs get way too much credit, in fact the legs only have one primary responsibility, and its very similar to a Fed Ex driver’s responsibility!
    I’m even going to share with you why I encourage my pitchers to collapse their back leg, and you will see for yourself, why it increases velocity!
  • Discover why changing your son’s pitching mechanics is dangerous, and why video analysis is a complete waste of your time if you do it this way-
  • How to gain velocity from the stretch, and be quicker to the plate, by making one very simple adjustment with your toes!
  • How to analyze your own video and become your own pitching coach using a very simple formula!
  • How to FEEL his pitching mechanics, literally!
  • How to maximize his drill work and the secret method to doubling the effectiveness of his drill work to make sure it transfers to the mound, every time!

I almost forgot, here’s what else will be covered inside the 3 day pitching program…Your son will learn 

  • Learn the inner-secrets used by million dollar pitchers that keep hitters off-balance and embarrass them on the long trek back to the dugout!
  • How to disguise your change-up and make it look identical to your fastball, and how to avoid the #1 mistake every pitcher makes with their off-speed pitches! (This is the “Ah-ha” moment for most pitchers!)
  • Your son will discover the 3 point, Auto-Pilot system to make changes during the game, to throw more strikes, sharper breaking balls and never once, even consider making changes to his pitching mechanics.
  • How to move the baseball like a whiffle-ball, and why the grip is by far the least important, to moving the baseball.
  • Why your thumb could be the reason your velocity is down, but it could also be the reason your ball moves, which is it?
  • How to read hitters and know exactly what to throw, and when to throw it, simply by watching what the hitter does and he has no idea he’s even doing it! (This really works every time, because its physically impossible for hitters to make solid contact, unless they “connect these two things”!)
  • How to transform your forearm into a shock absorbing, elbow saving cheat code that not only protects your arm but adds 2-3 mph to any and every breaking ball!

Be warned: Your son will be responsible for keeping his own notes!

Every player is responsible for keeping his own notebook! Be ready to hold your son accountable!

Your son’s going to learn real quick that it’s up to him! If he’s willing to put in the work, I can help get him there. But what really matters is, what’s he willing to do when nobody’s around, when he’s not going to get ounce of credit? If he’s willing to work just as hard, act as if every coach in America knows what he’s doing at all times…

Your son will thrive!

I can guarantee you that 99.9% of the other camps across the country this summer will not give you the time, attention and game-changing information you’re going to find here! And I can also 110% guarantee your son will not spend time learning how to become his own coach and leave with a notebook loaded with information so secretive, that he’s forced to keep his own notes! The best part is- your son will have a 100% individual game-plan that is for him, and only him!

Did I tell you…The Instructor to player ratio is 4:1


Here’s just a few names that have helped me in the past (This year’s instructors will be different due to the colleges being in-season at the time of the program)…


Opportunities like this don’t come around much, so you’re probably wondering what something like this costs, aren’t you?

When I say nothing else compares, I mean it, nothing else compares!

But let’s make no mistake about it, its expensive.

Before you make a decision, here’s what you need to know…

This program demands that your son, not You, grab ownership by the throat and finally, get past the made-up, make believe obstacles that have been holding him back!
This program does not waste valuable on-site training time with conditioning drills, we’ve got WAY TOO MUCH PITCHING INFORMATION TO COVER, it’s a raw-uncut pitching program that will prepare your son to become his own coach and cover any and everything you could ever imagine, and a lot you couldn’t!

Video-taping of this program is not allowed and this camp will not be vide-taped for outsiders…

  • I learned a long time ago that information is only power when you’re the only one with the information! That’s why I protect the information contained inside this program at all costs!
  • Because there is NO WAY for one program to work for every player on the planet, or even two for that matter, I will reveal the same formula I use to train and consult $1,000,000 MLB pitchers, and your son will leave with THE template in his hands, but it’s up to him to carry it out! (If you don’t think your son is willing or responsible enough to follow this program after the event is complete, this program is NOT FOR HIM!)

Unlike most programs I’m going to make sure you take home everything you’ve learned…

  1. Your son will receive a continued education that gives you both direct access to personal coaching and video reviews following the completion of the program!
  2. You will have continued access to apply and use what you’ve learned to make sure changes stick and gain the confidence of knowing you have someone on your side to help you get over the obstacles that have been holding you back!

The Truth Is: You’re son will not reach his potential in 3 days, that’s a given…That’s why this program is all about giving you a plan for the next 365 days!


Remember, information is power when you’re the only one with the information!

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Trust what you FEEL!