Are you ready for #Palooza16?

Cause, tonight I’m going to be giving you first shot at one of the 250 available Pitch-a-Palooza 16 tickets.

Click the ticket below to receive the 2nd round of invites going out soon!

Here’s the line-up so far:  

  1. Paul Nyman – Setpro Sports
  2. Mike Reinold – Former Red Sox Trainer
  3. Dr. Steven Osterer – Brillian mind – (Love this guys stuff)
  4. Dr. Allen Sills – Director of Neurosurgery at Vandy (Palooza15 most popular presentation award)
  5. Derek Johnson – Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Coach
  6. Bobby Tewksbary – Tewks Hitting
  7. Austin Wasserman –  Wass Strength
  8. Rick Strickland – Swing Rehab
  9. David Ray – Movement specialist
  10. Kyle Boddy – Driveline Sports

Plus – 8 more speakers that I can’t wait to announce.

And… That’s not it.

The Thursday Night Core Velocity Bonus Session was incredible last year.  There was over 100 people in attendance and this year…

It’s going to be even better.

That’s the Good NEWS…

Bad News?

There’s only 250 spots available and if you’re getting this email that means…

You’re one of 314 people that have attended one of the past three Pitch-a-Palooza events.

You do the math…

First 250 to register get the spots…

Those who wait, don’t get in.

Crazy thing is…

There’s going to be close to 1,000 coaches on this year’s waiting list.

There’s a reason Pitch-a-Palooza is gaining Legendary status... And I’d hate for you to miss this year’s event.

Look for the email tonight that contains all the info you need and when you get it, you better act fast.

Trust what you FEEL!