Injury Prevention: Elbow Strengthening Exercises For Pitchers

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Elbow pain and arm pain is just part of the game, right?

The elbow is a tough spot for pain because most players don’t know how to relieve the soreness and stiffness that they get accustomed to.

I am going to show you some elbow strengthening exercises for pitchers and position players.

Watch this video and see how you can begin to place controlled stress on the tissue surrounding the elbow.

The exercises today will focus on relieving soreness and pain in the elbow.  The elbow can be tricky because it is primarily a stability joint and therefore, we focus on manipulating the angle of the forearm.

The movements should always be controlled and I encourage kids to attack the soreness. An individual throwing program should always include a plan to reduce elbow injuries is   Understand that it’s OK to be sore but don’t confuse soreness with being hurt.

What are currently doing for elbow pain?  Where does your arm normally get sore?

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