Hey Ron,

It’s me.  Lantz.

I heard what you said about my belt.

That’s why I said those nasty things about your sweater vest.  I heard you got a belt now, too.

That’s awesome.

One with a shoulder vest, I heard. That’s great man. Happy for ya bud.

I had no idea about all these new belts coming out.  Awesome they’re asking for your endorsement.

Isn’t it crazy how one person comes up with a good idea and everyone tries to follow?
Heck, you’ve been doing this pitching thing for a long time now.

If anyone knows about that, it’s you.

Personally, I’ve only seen two belts.

  • The Core Velocity Belt.
  • And that one you with have which comes standard with the little vests and accessories.

Who makes the other ones?

I’m glad the endorsements are coming in for you.

I don’t feel as bad now for leaving you out.  Sorry you had to catch all the info second-hand.  Wasn’t personal. Just business.

But, it seems to be working well for both of us.  Seems every where you turn around…

There’s somebody talking about Belts.

But Ron, if only they realized, it ain’t The Belt doing it.

Heck, you and I both know that.

Some people think, cause one person’s got a belt… They gotta have one too.

I’ll tell you what Ron, some of these people… What are we gonna do with em’ buddy?

You said it perfect a couple of months ago in one of your emails.

Some people? I’ll tell you what.

That’s like saying wear two vests at a time or double up on the belt… Crazy, ain’t it? 

Anyways Ron…

The reason I’m writing you this letter is because I’m here to help.

Just like you said, any tool can be dangerous if in the wrong hands.

No matter what tool you got, it’s only as sharp as the user.

And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about today.

  • Wanted to help you avoid some of the pitfalls you’re going to discover with that little belt and shoulder vest of yours.
  • It can get overwhelming, but don’t say it can’t get fun.
  • Anyways, I know you and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on things but that don’t matter.

You understand… You get it.

Lets to move on.

  • We’ve both made our mistakes.
  • Said some things we shouldn’t have.

Worn some vests we shouldn’t have.
We’re men Ron…That’s what we do, by God!

Looking back…

I remember that video of you back in the day, applying the ole Pelvic Pretzel Presser on a kid.  Boy, you and his Daddy did a number on that poor ole boy.  Funny thinking back.

Remember how he rubbed his side when his Dad was joking around with him… I belt he FELT that.

Kids ain’t as tough as they used to be. Back in the day, they could handle the Pelvic Pretzel.

Nowadays, kids are soft.

Put one in the Pelvic Pretzel Press today and they come out dough.

Looking back Ron… That seems like a 100 years ago doesn’t it?

Having to use The Pelvic Pretzel Press seems like such a primitive way to teach FEEL, doesn’t it?

  • Now that you’ve got a Belt too, you’ll look at the lower-half totally different and I’m betting we could share a lot of ideas together.
  • I’ll share tips with you on lower-half mechanics and you could share your exercise routines with it.
  • Seriously, we put our two head together we could come up with more activities than Step Brothers.

Hulk Hands and Shoulder Vest time baby!

Gosh, that would be awesome.

I know I’m kind of beating around the bush, I realize we haven’t always seen eye to eye.

As you know, I never used The Pelvic Pretzel Press to teach FEEL.

But, I’ll be honest…
Had I not stumbled across the video right here and put Lance McCullers and Harper side by said, well…

Lantz Wheeler or ole Ron’s team would still be letting it dangle instead of opening from the back..

Nowadays, everyone knows the hips open from the back.

Isn’t it great learning Ron?

Speaking of learning, there’s something I noticed in your letter you sent out detailing the dangers…

If you don’t mind…

  • I’d like to take a moment and share a few pointers with you.
  • Stuff, I’ve learned since creating The Belt without the shoulder strap, some ten years ago?

Honestly, just looking at those pics of the ‘knock-off belt with the shoulder vest” Remind me of the old days.

And one of the first lessons I learned 10 years ago was how to properly wear The Belt.

Not sure how your’s is designed but there’s no way I could see it working with how the poor boy on the left is wearing it… And what the heck is doing with his back leg?

  • The kid’s got it way too high.
  • He’s never going to give his hips the proprioception they need to move and function properly.

And like Dr. Sills said at Palooza when asked about The Belt…

“Many if not most pitchers, struggle to effectively use their hips because they can’t FEEL them.”

You’re going to be adding another one to the “most’ category, if you keep letting them wear the belt around the waist.

Seriously, Ron.

Even if you are just exercising with them, I’d make sure The Belt goes around the specific area we are attempting to train.

Hell this ain’t a fat slimmer.  

It’s a Belt!


The reason I pointed out the feeble position of the back knee is because it lets me know he’s pushing sideways.  That’s a no-no.

You want the foot flat, weight right in the middle of the arch.

  • I’d keep the foot flat and get away from pushing (extending) that hips…
  • He could cramp up like that or strain a meniscus.
  • We both know the hips don’t work like that.

I can’t tell you how cool it is that we can talk like this.

I Love it that you a Belt now too. That’s awesome.

Just looking around, I see a few other things I would change too Ron…

Let’s Eliminate the dangers of this thing, one step at a time.

#1: Let’s start with the FEET:

  • You want the foot flat, not pointed in.
  • Pointing in the toe like the kid in the video below, eliminates any chance for rotation.
  • Make sure to keep foot flush with the weight directly in the center.

If you keep having kids throw like this, inverted W’s and High Elbows could start to flare up.

Starting with your foot turned in, is an absolute serial killer when it comes to hip rotation.

Crazy to think how symptomatic pitching mechanics can be.

How you can change one little thing and the entire outcome is different.

But there’s dangers to that too Ron.

And that’s one more thing I’d like to talk about if you’re really serious about working with The Belt and shoulder vest.

 You might think, what’s the big deal with the feet starting like that?  

Well, Ron..

  • The body is connected.
  • One small error here and there’s big errors later.

It’s called connection.

By offering a kid an A for doing the wrong thing, you set in motion a series of wrong things that don’t stop until the final frame…

Instruction such as we’ve seen, can affect the pitching delivery.

And there’s another flaw you’ll see when they’re attempting to decelerate with exaggerated trunk flexion.

So glad we got time like this together.

FEELS good to look back and reminisce.

Seriously, if you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out. You’d asked me before to let you know what I thought, so this is what I thought.

And one more thing, I apologize about the sweater vest comment.

It wasn’t intentional.

We used to always give our softball coaching friends heck about it back when I was coaching college baseball.

Totally harmless.

Talk to you soon and would love to see you at Palooza, be a lot of good stuff there you could use.

Anyways, see ya buddy.

Trust what you FEEL!



P.S: Can’t wait to see what you come up with using the belt and shoulder vest. Gonna be good.

In case you missed the link to “The best pitching clinic in America.” (Butch Thompson-Auburn), here it is.