Introducing “The Core Velocity Belt”

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“The Core Velocity Belt Builds High-Level Safe Pitching Mechanics From The Ground Up… And Best Of All – Starting With Your Very First Throw, RePrograms Your ‘Muscle-Memory’… Putting Your (New) Mechanics On ‘Auto-Pilot’ Forever!”

Here’s How It Works…

The Core Velocity Belt Engages Your Lower-Half And Naturally Loads Your Body The Way Science & Nature Intended, Separating Your Hips From Your Shoulders Like A ‘Rubber-Band’ And Giving Your Arm NO CHOICE But To Move Faster, Through A Safer Range Of Motion!”

Take A Second To See It With Your Own Eyes…


“Instantaneously Boosting Your Arm Speed- It Changes The Game For Your Entire Arsenal Of Off-Speed Pitches-  Especially The Ones That Were Flat Before, Suddenly Move Like A Whiffle-Ball In The Wind Now… Making It Almost Impossible, Even For Hitters 1-5, To Know, Until It’s Too Late, Why They Swung And Missed It By A Mile”


And After Just A Few Throws…You’ll Experience The ‘Ah-ha’ Moment Because It’s Obvious…

“Your Pitchers, Even As Young As 10U, Can Instantly  FEEL The Difference Between Using Their Lower-Half The “Right-Way’ Versus What They Were Doing Just 10 Minutes Ago…”

But Here’s What Parents And Coaches Love About It...

“You Don’t Have To Say A Single Word, Or Know The Slightest Thing About Pitching Mechanics…Because The Belt Fixes The Mechanical Flaws By Itself Making You Look Like A Genius…”

More Importantly…

“The Core Velocity Belt Proves Once And For All You Don’t Have To Choose Between Throwing Strikes And Throwing Harder… Because ‘The Belt’ Transfers Your (Newly Acquired) Mechanics Built From The Ground Up, To The Game-Mound Against Real-Live Hitters… Taking Your Mind Off Mechanics, So You Can “Just Pitch!'”

But…If You’re Anything Like Me I’d Be Skeptical, That’s Why I’m Going To Shut Up And Hand This Over To The National Championship Pitching Coach Of The 2014 College World Series Winners’- Scott Brown

Hey Guys I’m Lantz Wheeler…

If you’re a parent searching  for the safest and most effective way to increase your son’s velocity, but you don’t consider yourself an expert, all you know is your son is struggling even though he’s going above and beyond, but with no noticeable results…And you’re tired of paying yet another instructor to point out your son is throwing with all arm, but is never shown how to correct the problem…

Or maybe you’re a coach, worried your pitchers are going to get hurt because other coaches are pointing out mechanical flaws, such as the inverted ‘W”….But you don’t know where to start to make changes, all you know is the last thing you want is your pitchers unable to compete, throw strikes and “get outs” because they’re too worried about their mechanics, or velocity….

Or maybe, you’re a coach and parent, tired of seeing hard earned off-season velocity gains suddenly disappear when it’s time to take the game-mound and it’s to the point now that you could care less about velocity because the increase in velocity does nobody any good when they can’t throw strikes and are forced to sit on the bench and unable to help the team.

If that’s the case then I’ve got great news for you. In fact, this will be the most important message you’ve ever read because I’m going to prove how it’s entirely possible to see an instant spike in velocity, reduce the stress on your arm, and fix even the most technical mechanical problems without you needing to say a single word…

Proof The Core Velocity Belt Works…


In fact, most pitchers waste valuable training time and money by focusing on the wrong things…
If only more coaches, pitchers and parents understood how the body really works and how fixing “one thing” fixes everything else, then pitchers would have a much clearer picture of where to start and what to do next.

But now you do. Take a look at what I’ve discovered while using The Core Velocity Belt…

You see, no matter how you look at it, baseball requires ‘effective’ rotation of the hips, BUT, the major obstacle most pitchers face is…HOW to make that happen?

Before I reveal how easy it really is and share with you why you’re so much closer than you realize, let’s discuss the 3 Major Obstacles that have kept you from reaching your maximum potential so far…and – best of all – give you a ‘fool-proof’ plan to eliminate those today. Ready?

The “How-To-Guide” To Eliminate The Top 3 Obstacles Holding You Back From Effectively Using Your Lower-Half And Getting The Attention You Deserve:

1. Let’s face it: No two pitching coaches or instructors ever agree on the best way to use your lower-body. Even when they point out what you’re doing wrong, they never share with you ‘Why’….Or worse, NEVER show you HOW to fix it.

2. Because you’ve been told so many different things, you find yourself constantly starting over, only to reach the point that you have no idea what to do next, who to trust and who to ignore…And if you hear one more person point out that you’re ‘throwing with all arm,’ you’re ready to explode!

3. Combine the previous two reasons alone, and you find yourself in a perfect storm. It’s no wonder so many pitchers experience arm pain, career ending arm injuries and never come close to throwing as hard as they could be…and to make things worse…all of this makes it impossible to throw strikes because you’re so worried about your mechanics.

What if there was a solution, a solution that could solve your lower-body problems?
And what if it was so easy, even ten year old kids could easily understand and apply it to experience immediate results? You’d probably jump all over that right? But, if you’re anything like me you’re probably skeptic of any talk of a quick fix, and rightly so. You should be.

To be the best at what you do takes a lot of time and hard work. And I’m sure hard work isn’t your problem, right?

If you’re anything like me, the problem is not only finding the time, but determining the most efficient means of maximizing your time. Let’s face it, as a baseball parent or coach, it’s almost impossible to know what day it is unless you’ve got a game schedule in front of you. You’re spending most of your time driving to and from the ballpark, lessons and practice…And then there’s the filthy curveballs life throws at you, which keeps you guessing and wondering what’s going to be next. Right?

The solution is simple…

Teach Your Pitcher How To FEEL The Lower-Half Working Effectively And Let The Body Take Over From There

Whether you’re throwing a baseball or swinging a bat, you have to involve your entire body if you ever want to reach your true potential as a player. And that’s where most players fall short. It’s true. I’ve seen it over and over again. As a college pitching coach for 8 years, I can tell you that teaching the lower body isn’t easy. It’s by far and away the most difficult part of pitching mechanics.

However, most pitchers and coaches go wrong because…

Coaches and instructors are guilty of either talking way too much, or speaking in a foreign language that’s too technical and confusing. It leaves you feeling like a dummmy standing there shaking your head when it’s obvious…you have no idea what you just heard.

And then there’s the poor pitcher…Working his tail off, attempting to please the coach, going above and beyond what his coach is asking…But he’s not seeing the results. And sadly, it’s his career that’s suffering and worse, he’s starting to think he’s not cut out to do this.

Either way, the real problem is communication!

And that’s why The Core Velocity Belt is a ‘Game-Changer’

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal the power of FEEL and how it can forever change the way you train and best of all…Exponentially speed up your development, boost your velocity, reduce the stress on your arm and have everyone around you patting you on the back, praising your pitching mechanics and last but not least…Asking how you made such night/day changes inside your pitching mechanics since the last time they saw you pitch.

THIS is why “The Core Velocity Belt” has EXPLODED on the National Scene!

And rocked the foundation of traditional pitching instruction…And it’s also why it’s being used by 5 different MLB organizations, 80+ college baseball programs. (Including the 2014 College World Champion Vanderbilt Commodores, 2014 National High School Champions, Barbe High School and the #1 ranked team in the NCAA’s final regular season poll, the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.)

But since I discovered the secret, the results speak for themselves.

Case in point.  4 years ago, I transitioned from the college game to the world of professional baseball and I now personally train over $30,000,000 worth of MLB and professional pitchers.   And as long as I’m coaching…

I’ll Never Forget What I Saw With My Own Eyes During The Off-Season That Changed Everything For Me

In my first year training pro pitchers, I didn’t have any MLB guys at the time. They were either making their trek through the bumpy and competitive minor league ranks or fresh out of college. (Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to work hands-on with 22 MLB pitchers.)  And there are four players that will always stand out in my memory.

The first is Nick Tropeano.

Nick was a 5th round draft pick out of Stony Brook University. He’s a right hand pitcher that was known for having a big-time change-up and could locate the fastball on a dime with whiffle-ball like movement. But, there was something he was missing and like most pitchers it was velocity.  He was consistently 89-92 and that’s just not enough in pro ball if you’re a right hand pitcher, those guys are a dime a dozen. So, our goal that off-season was to increase velocity. But at the time, we had no idea it would jump like it did.

The first week of training with The Core Velocity Belt, his numbers stayed around the same but…

Within 3 Weeks His Velocity Sky-Rocketed From 89-92 to 94-97 MPH!

And later that Spring, his career in the Astros organization took off. With the increase in velocity, he was now labeled as one of the top minor league pitchers in the game and was on the fast-track to the Show. (He made his first debut this past August and has since been traded to the Los Angeles Angels and spends his time training in his hometown to be closer to family.)  Not only did his velocity jump, but the quality, deception and movement also climbed due to his ability to generate arm speed…And the best part? He never lost the ability to throw strikes.

Most coaches will tell you that you have to make a choice: velocity or strikes. But, that’s not true.  (In fact, it’s far from the truth and I’ll go into greater detail later. Keep reading.)

The reason why so many pitchers struggle to throw strikes is simple…

They worry about their mechanics way too much!

And whenever you’ve got a pitcher on the mound thinking about mechanics, you can bet he’s going to struggle to throw strikes.  But here’s the shocker and something we’ve known since that first off-season.  Many of the “mechanical flaws” pitchers spend time working on are a waste of time. In fact, I’ll show you some videos in a moment that will blow you away because they go against most of what you’ve seen, heard or read.

Better yet…Let’s watch one of those videos now!”
Instead of just me showing you the millions of dollars of elite, professional athletes using The Belt. I’m going to show you how it’s SELF-Coaching high school athletes and fixing their mechanics in less than 2 weeks!

(Even More) Proof: The Core Velocity Belt Increases Hip/Shoulder Separation & The Inverted W (In Less Than 2 Weeks), Without YOU Having To Say A Single Word!
Back to The Core Velocity Belt.

Since we discovered the power of the belt and how quickly it could transform “strike throwers” into power pitchers, we kept it a secret. In fact, we’ve basically kept it behind closed doors until we received a patent.  And then at the beginning of last year, actually January of 2014, we introduced it to Scott Brown, the pitching coach at Vanderbilt University.

In only a few days of using The Core Velocity Belt with his pitchers, Scott couldn’t stop talking about the “Belt”, as he calls it. His guys loved it. And before you knew it, Scott was giving us exercises and drills we hadn’t even thought about before. (That’s another hidden truth behind the belt – you’re going to come up with 100’s of different ways to use it on your own as well as the ones we show you.)

But the best part is:

Scott Brown’s Pitching Staff Captured The 2014 College World Series & Brought Home The National Championship Trophy To Nashville

“The Core Velocity Belt (Self) Coaches Your Lower-Body How To Instantaneously Generate More Power…And In A Matter Of Minutes, You Finally Know Exactly What It FEELs Like To Stop Throwing With All Arm

However, Vandy wasn’t the only team to use The Core Velocity Belt in the initial testing, we also tested it with a high school team… Check this out.

Now let’s hear what Scott Brown and Nick Tropeano have to say about The Core Velocity Belt….

At Only 5’8” Tall- 34th Round “Senior Sign” Proves Once And For All You Don’t Have To Be 6’5 To Throw 97 MPH!

Earlier I said there’s 3 guys I’ll never forget, and Dennis O’Grady is another.

I first met Dennis O’Grady in the winter of 2012. He came to train with us in Nashville, and I can still remember the first day of velocity testing. Pitch after pitch, the radar gun showed 90-91-88-92.  And at only 5’8” inches tall, it was obvious he had to make some big jumps if he was ever going to make it through the competitive ranks of MLB but most importantly – hurdle the stereotypes that are cast upon any pitcher standing shy of 6’0 tall.

But in a matter of months, it wasn’t his height that you noticed.

It was the readings on the gun. In less than 8 weeks, he went from topping out at 92 to rarely throwing a pitch under 96 MPH! Even better…His command improved. His off-speed pitches were thrown with fastball arm speed creating more deception and his breaking balls had tighter spin.

Make no mistake, the secret he discovered changed his entire career in a matter of 56 days.

Later that Spring, Dennis went from being a “5’8 “roster filler” to a legitimate pitching prospect. Every scout, coach and top level executive in the Padres organization, now knew the name Dennis O’Grady.

And since that 2011 off-season…Dennis jumped from rookie-ball-High A. And it wasn’t long before he was promoted to AAA in New Mexico after spending only 6 weeks with the AA team. Let’s just say he was now on the fast track and that was evident with his MLB Big League Spring Training Invite just last year.

Remember earlier, I told you we discovered something early in the development of The Core Velocity Belt?

The Discovery That Will Change Everything You’ve Seen, Heard, & Read About Pitching Mechanics

For the past few years, there’s been an epidemic of arm injuries involving high-profile, multi-million dollar pitchers. And guess what?

Pitching coaches, doctors and experts came crawling out of the woodwork offering their opinion on why it was happening. And time and time again, many blamed the rash of Tommy John injuries to a particular arm action. And the type of arm action I’m referring to is what’s called the Inverted W based on the positioning of the ball and hands at foot strike.

But here’s the problem…Pitchers waste valuable training time they will never get back attempting to fix the symptom and not the cause and it’s also why so many pitchers struggle to throw strikes!

But here’s the irony of it all….

A study conducted by MLB found that over 44% of all players that spent considerable time on the DL with upper-body injuries tested for deficiencies in mobility and stability of the hips.  (That’s why we use The Core Velocity Belt inside our warm-up…You’ll see what I’m talking about in a just a few minutes.)

 The Mistake That Kills More Careers Than Tommy John Surgeries Combined…

They place such a high value achieving desirable positions and make the pitcher so conscious of his mechanics that he loses the ability to throw strikes.

And that’s why The Core Velocity Belt is different because it places a premium on teaching pitchers to move more efficiently through their lower body, without thinking about mechanics.

In fact…

The Core Velocity Belt “Self”-Teaches Pitchers & Hitters What It FEELS Like To Build An Explosive Lower Half & Takes “Muscle Memory” To An Entirely New Level

Consider This:

  • The magic to pitching mechanics is found inside the movement, not the positions.
  • It’s your ability to move that determines the positions!

Whenever you make the goal for pitchers, or hitters, to obtain “desirable positions” inside their mechanics, here’s what happens.

  1. Pitchers and hitters suddenly place more value on “how they look” than how they actually perform.
  2. Whenever you start to cookie cut pitching mechanics, you take away from the natural strengths and abilities from the individual pitcher…And before you know it, the stiff, robotic mechanics suddenly decrease the pitcher’s ability to perform – and even worse – dramatically increase the chances for him getting injured.

Try throwing to the middle of the line-up at any level, thinking about your “how your mechanics” look and see how long you stay in the game.   Personally, I believe…

FEEL is the Body’s Native Language

And that’s exactly what makes The Core Velocity Belt different than anything else you’ve ever seen. In fact, nothing even comes close.  How else do you think the pitcher seen below could do what many said was impossible…

Not only permanently did he fix the “Inverted W’ in less than 24 hours but he never once even had to worry about changing his arm action. Instead he learned right away how to FEEL his hips and placed his focus on throwing strikes…In other words – his own body became his best pitching coach.  And it’s also…

Why Any Coach Or Parent Could Teach Pitchers & Hitters How To Effectively Use The Lower Body, In A Matter Of Hours…Without Saying A Single Word

Watch for yourself as the “impossible to fix inverted W” is cured right before your eyes…

3 More Mechanical Myths Busted By The Core Velocity Belt 

Let’s get back to Nick Tropeano starting in 2011 while he was still using The Core Velocity Belt.

Another common issue coaches attempt to fix, but end up treating the symptom versus the cause, is the “High Elbows” phenomenon. As shown below with Nick Tropeano in 2011, this occurs when the elbows fly above the shoulder as the landing foot touches the ground. But, little do they know, this can be solved in a matter of hours.

Case in point: Below is a side/side comparison Nick Tropeano – videotaped 24 hours apart. See for yourself how the issue of “high elbows” can be fixed without even mentioning the word arm action and – better yet – not even pointing out the issue to the pitcher.

Myth #1:  High Elbows Is Difficult To Fix & Is Thought To Be Directly Related To The Arm Itself: 

Here’s the 3rd guy I will never forget…

Neil Ramirez is a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs.  He was a 1st round draft pick and spent over 5 years in the minors before finally making his MLB debut this past spring. He was a guy that was constantly battling his mechanics and battling shoulder soreness and fatigue.  But that all changed last year after spending time training exclusively with The Core Velocity Belt.

Here’s what happened…

  • He stopped worrying about having perfect mechanics and focused on pitching, throwing strikes, changing speeds and getting hitters out!
  • He discovered how to move more efficiently through the center of his body and his velocity jumped, off-speed stuff got better and his confidence reached new heights!
  • He found a way to effectively use his lower body to reduce the stress on his shoulder.

But you want to know what’s really cool?

His velocity jumped, even in the middle of the season, he threw more strikes than ever before and his pitching mechanics refined themselves…And the best part is-he didn’t have to waste time or face setbacks, trying to do any of this!

Living Breathing Proof The Core Velocity Belt Can Increase Your Velocity In The Middle Of The Season & Influence Your Arm To Move More Efficiently Without Even Thinking About It 

  • Neil’s arm action suddenly became more efficient without even mentioning the word, and definitely not trying to make it happen.
  • His velocity jumped and ended up being higher at the end of the season than it was at the beginning!
  • His shoulder problems disappeared after self-teaching himself how to “move through the center of his body”  (And that’s another secret to The Core Velocity Belt)

Myth #2:  It’s Impossible To Influence Your Arm Action To Move More Efficiently During A Competitive Season


More Proof  That The Core Velocity Belt Allows You To “Just Pitch” Without Worrying About Anything Else!


His velocity climbed each and every month of the season!


Listen to what Neil Ramirez has to say about the Core Velocity Belt:


Up next is one of my all-time favorite pitchers I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with, Caleb Cotham of the New York Yankees.

Here’s a very common problem with a lot of pitchers: the back foot leaving the ground too early. Unfortunately, many pitchers waste their time trying to fix the symptom versus the cause. Without revealing how we did this, I’m going to show you video on what transpired in literally 5 throws.

Myth #3:  The Back Foot Leaving The Ground Too Early Is Difficult To Change


Before I show you what I’m going to make available to you, let’s review everything you’ve already learned...

  1. Learning how to use your lower body effectively is extremely hard to do. In fact, most pitchers and hitters are either taught wrong or their body and brain is so fried from hearing 5 different coaches tell them 5 different things…They never will figure it out on their own.(That’s why I’m 100% convinced every pitcher, hitter, coach and parent reading this will never have to face these issues again!)
  2. The game of baseball requires every player that hopes to reach his true potential on the mound to find a way to get every single ounce of energy from the lower body to the upper body…if you can’t do this, you have NO CHANCE of ever reaching your potential. (Imagine the look on your son’s face when he finally learns what it FEELS like to use his lower body.) 
  3. Many of the common mechanical flaws have absolutely nothing to do with the actual arm…In fact, until you can control the center of your body, you’re wasting valuable training time you’ll never get back working on something that’s not even going to help fix the problem. (The Core Velocity Belt identifies the cause and doesn’t waste time treating the symptoms.)

Get An Inside Look At The Core Velocity Belt…

5 Ways We Use The Core Velocity Belt Inside Our Daily Routines:

  1. Using the belt to throw from the mound.
  2. Using the belt to increase mobility and stability of our hips.
  3. Inside the warm-up and activation prior to hitting or throwing.
  4. Inside our recovery routines after throwing or lifting.
  5. As well as every single bit of our drill work.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “It’s great that the belt works so well for these Major League guys who can afford to fly to Nashville and work one-on-one with you. But how complicated is this thing to use, and how do I know I can get the same results with my son that you’re getting with your Major League pitchers?”

Well, you’re right that it is neither easy nor cheap to work with me one-on-one. My time is at a premium, and you’ve got to factor in flight and hotel costs for coming all the way to Nashville. Not to mention that I do *very little* one-on-one coaching at this point.

However, what we’ve learned in working with hundreds of pitchers at every level of the game can now be yours at a price so low you’re literally saving thousands of dollars.

Between the Major League players I work with each offseason, all the college programs that have purchased the belt and are actively using it with their teams as well as the hundreds of coaches and dads just like you all over the world, we know exactly what gets BIG results with The Core Velocity Belt.

And by big results, I’m talking about winning the 2014 college world series (Vanderbilt University), attending the college world series (Southern Mississippi, Stony Brook, Louisiana-Lafayette), or becoming high school Baseball America national champions (Barb High School). All of those teams use The Core Velocity Belt with their players.

Oh, and we currently have 5 MLB organizations using the belt at every level to develop their million dollar arms into the best strike-throwing snipers in the game.

I’m going to help you achieve the same results with your son that we’re achieving with these top flight baseball programs.

Here’s how: when you buy your Core Velocity Belt, I’m going to guide you through how The Core Velocity Belt helps players FEEL their lower body and thereby throw harder and faster with less effort. This is the same stuff I teach pitchers when they work with me one-on-one at a cost of over $500 an hour.

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to wear the belt (one size fits all)
  • A User’s Guide complete with pictures showing you the different ways to attach the belt to the tubing
  • Core Velocity Belt do’s and don’ts
  • What to look for when you are just starting out using the belt
  • A complete crash course on the importance of your hips and the science behind why it all works

Plus, to get you started we’ve specially designed a program that will show you instant results and best of all-is super simple to follow and easy to understand.  (In fact-it doesn’t contain any technical language and can be followed by kids as young as 12.)  

*I do not recommend the belt for players under 10 years old.  

Get Started Right Away With “The Core Velocity Quick Start Program”

1.   The Core Velocity “How To Use Your Lower Body Effectively” Drill System (The system is actually more important than the belt itself in many ways)

  • Discover the exact same drills that we use everyday to build 100 MPH arms & power hitters…And the best part is-how to set them up during your practice and training time. (It takes the guess work out of the equation and you’ll have a plan right away!)
  • We’ll even get you started by setting up the program for you until you feel comfortable enough to start creating your own.  (I’ve been told by all 50 college programs that are using the belt that they’re favorite part beside their players absolutely loving it is-They can make up drills on the go!)
  • How to blend the drills using the Core Velocity Belt to make sure they’re deeply ingrained into your nervous system-(The blending system is the key to you seeing quicker results, almost immediately)
  • Know exactly where to place the tubing on the Core Velocity Belt- The Belt actually has 6 different clips it can be attached to and each serve a unique purpose. (I’ll also tell you were it shouldn’t go, that’s critical information!)
  • How to use the belt to speed up your tempo and create insane momentum that gives your arm no choice but to move faster. (We use this a lot for velocity drills, and you’ll see right away why.)

2.  The Core Velocity 7 Day-365 Day Throwing Program: Shows you how to create your very own individualized 365 day throwing program.  It’s over 10 pages long and is the exact program my MLB pitchers use during the season, off-season and pre-season.  You’ll never need another throwing program as long as you’re playing or coaching.

3.  The Core Velocity Quick Start Testing Guide that shows parents, players and coaches exactly how to test and make sure your athlete is ready to use the belt.  In fact, if you find that you aren’t ready to start with the belt, I’ll going to give you a few exercises to get you started.

4. The “Core Velocity Belt Hip Activation Warm-Up Series”  

1.  You’ll get 6 different exercises that can be used to warm-up prior to using the belt but most importantly-it’s the best way I’ve ever seen to increase hip mobility and stability in baseball players and the 6 exercises you will receive are all part of our MLB pitchers pre-throwing routine)

2.  Use the Core Velocity Hip Activation Warm-Up Series to plug into your 7 Day Throwing Program and you’ll quickly start to the results. (Over 44% of all arm injuries are attributed to mobility/stability deficits inside the hips) 

3.  Best of all- These drills can be performed with a partner, or on your own.


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