How To Fix Almost Any Velocity Leak Using Reverse Psychology!

What if you could fix one of the biggest flaws seen with the lower body in minutes... One that's responsible for secretly sucking out velocity, adding dangerous stress to your arm and preventing you from ever pitching to your max potential. In fact, what I'm going to share with you today is by far, the #1 flaw I see with the lower-body. But - here's the cool part. The game-changing 'fix' I'm about to share with you, will require you to treat your body/brain like a little kid using "Reverse Psychology"

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Fat Kid Throws Rocks At Coconuts… Turns Pro!

Here’s a great story about a fat kid who ends up making millions… 30 years ago on a tropical island, there’s a fat kid who’s primary responsibility is to gather coconuts for his poor family. Each day, he heads out to the coconut grove with sweet visions of coconut pies dancing in his head. But – he’s got a problem

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(Video Lesson) How To Fix Stubborn Flaws Inside Your Pitching Mechanics… Without Even Thinking About It

What if I could show you a relatively easy fix to your mechanical flaws, while at the same time, showing you an easy way to transfer your velocity gains to the mound? Best of all - You'll quickly see your command get better because you no longer have to worry, or even think, about the word 'pitching mechanics' You'd jump all over it, right?

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Take The $100 Pitching Mechanics Video Challenge… Win Free BTT Coaching Certification Course!

I'm going to personally write you a check for $100 - Feature you on the site and best of all... Give you free access to the upcoming BaseballThinkTank Coaching Certification Course if you can correctly answer this question. "Why is the young man in the video below, unable to effectively decelerate his arm?" So, far I've been asking this question on Facebook and Twitter and of the 1,000+ responses, nobody has answered it correctly. Why?

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