How To Use The Core Velocity Belt + Weighted Balls Off The Mound

  If you ever wanted to know what really goes on behind closed doors at BaseballThinkTank, here's a glimpse for ya... Inside the video, Scott Brown - pitching coach at [...]

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5 Reasons Why Video Analysis Is To Blame For Tommy John Surgeries!

Why are so many pitchers experiencing elbow injuries and Tommy John surgery? Glad you asked, because I'm getting ready to share my opinion... but I have to warn you, if your sensitive, you may want to leave now. In the past few weeks, there have been multiple discussions pertaining to the elbow injuries and I've yet to hear a reason that jumped out at me. It's the same old stuff, time after time...

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The Legend Of Muffin & PoundCake: An Intro To Arm Injuries & Tommy John

If the village idiot asked you to smell his finger, would you? More on that in a moment... Right now, let's talk about the epidemic of tommy john surgeries and elbow injuries. Before we begin, I want you to know, I'm not an expert, nor a doctor... In fact, it took me 6 freakin' years to graduate from college, at a state school in KY. So, all these scientific based principles are way over my head, that's why I created Baseball Think Tank.

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