Every year at Pitch-a-Palooza, I see something different, or learn something new… And it’s always Something I would have never came up with on my own.

And each year, I watch each of the presentations on video because I know I will learn something new. There will be some gold nugget of information waiting for me that I definitely over-looked the first time.

But, heck it’s Palooza.

The 3-day event which features the World’s Top Pitching & Hitting Minds…

They get on stage and spill their guts, telling you every single thing you want to know about the inner-working of their system and program. Where else could you gather the world’s top pitching coaches, the innovators, leaders of the industry and get them to tell you everything they know?


Only Pitch-a-Palooza.

So, in tribute of Pitch-a-Palooza16 opening the doors last week, here’s some highlights of my favorite memories. And today’s special topic kids will be bullpen routines. Ready?

Grab your seats, pick up a pen and don’t stop writing until these videos stop. Deal?

First up, Dave Serrano. Coach Serrano is a 9-time College World Series Participant for a reason.

Let’s start with…


Dave Serrano’s 3-Step Process That Separates Winners From Losers


  1. Throw Strikes
  2. Throw Low-Strikes
  3. Move the ball in-and-out

Good stuff, huh? Yeah I thought so too… Now, watch the video and see what else he says.

Up next Auburn University’s Head Coach, Butch Thompson… is going to share with you…


The Difference Between Losing Pitchers, And Winners!

Before we start…

Get your pens and papers back out because I know what question Coach Thompson’s going to ask when you get in there.

“What does command do for a pitcher?’

Think about it and here in a minute I’m going to have you share your list with others, for now I want you to watch this video first.


So, a lot of you are probably already coming up with ideas on…

  • Why you could never set your bullpens up like that…
  • Why your kids aren’t good enough to even try something like that…

And when it’s all said and done, you’re probably going to ask something like…

“Coach, my pitchers are struggling to transfer practice results to the mound. What would you suggest for a 10-12 year old pitcher?”

It happens every time.

Crazy to think how backwards we really have this “pitching thing”. Everyone wants a complicated answer. The irony of it all is that the best pitching coaches keep it simple. They don’t over-complicate it.

And neither should you.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with my good friend Scott Brown’s Palooza14 Hot Stove Discussion, where he’s going to answer questions about scripted bullpens.

After you watch, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

So, what did you think? Pretty good, huh?

Good news is there’s a lot more where that came from. And even better news is that Palooza16 Event Tickets and DVD Pre-Orders are available.

I realize that your schedule won’t allow everyone to spend 3 days re-wiring your brain and networking with America’s top pitching and hitting coaches.

Not everyone is comfortable networking amongst MLB scouts, college coaches, high school coaches and private instructors that come from all over the World to participate, and I get that.

So, here’s your chance to get complete access to the best pitching event I’ve ever attended in my 20 + years of coaching.

Pitch-a-Palooza15… Incredible.

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The Palooza15 DVD Collection is a ‘must-have’ for the serious baseball coach, it’s a No-brainer in my opinion.








Either way, hope to se you here at Pitch-a-Palooza16 in Nashville on Dec 2-4th.

And if you can make The Core Velocity Bonus Session on Thursday, where coaches gather to share the secrets they’ve discovered to naturally increase velocity…

That’s even better.

Trust what you FEEL!