Do you want to know the fastest way to increase your velocity isn’t by adding velocity… The fastest way is sealing the leaks in your hips that’s causing you to lose velocity.

Let me show you…

Last week was a special day, one I’ll remember the rest of my days and here’s why.

Eleven years ago, my now 17 year-old daughter stumbled across what’s now known as The ‘World Famous’ Core Velocity Belt. Crazy to ever think…

  • Win 2015 Product of the Year – ABCA
  • Receive an Official Patent
  • Used by over 120 NCAA D1 Teams

And then to think that two of the past three NCAA College World Series Champions, both used ‘The Belt’ daily… It’s crazy, really.

  • 2014 National Champions, Vanderbilt Commodores
  • 2016 National Champions, Coastal Carolina

Crazy, that so simple as The Core Velocity Belt, would advance pitching mechanics, velocity and arm health so quickly.

I often get asked how The Core Velocity Belt works, how does it increase your velocity?

And I say… “It really doesn’t increase your velocity right away. Instead, you see a bump in velocity because it seals the leaks inside your hips, forcing you to lose velocity.”

It’s what I refer to as the Peer Pressure Effect


The Peer Pressure Effect gives your arm no choice but to move faster, through a safer range of motion… Basically, the body becomes its own pitching coach!

Check out this video using the Motus sleeve in conjunction with The Core Velocity Belt.


Watch last year’s Palooza15 presentation of Dr. Sills as he explains the ‘Brain-Science’ behind The Core Velocity Belt


Now, you know.

But, what you didn’t know is that inside the next few weeks I’m releasing The Core Velocity 3.0 Training System, and here’s what it’s going to include: (All current members will get access to the 3.0 upgrade for Free!)

1. Step-by-Step program that requires you to pass specific goals before advancing to the next level of performance and activities.

2. The New Ground Force Velocity Program that teaches you how to generate more from the ground…Modeled after an Olympic ski program and sprint routines.

3. New videos… New workbook…. New goals!

Since receiving the patent last week, it’s taken the cuffs on my wrist and what I’m about to share with the pitching world inside The Belt’s 3.0 Version, is going to take the pitching world by storm.

Here’s where you can order The Core Velocity Belt. The ground-breaking 3.0 System will be headed your way soon, in the mean-time take advantage of the 2.0 Training System that’s literally years ahead of its time.

Get The Core Velocity Belt 3.0 Training System

Trust me on this one!

Trust what you FEEL!



P.S: Over the next couple of weeks and months, I’ve got something so exciting to show you. It’s an entire velocity training system that doesn’t require weighted balls, or long toss.

Best part is…

It instantly identifies where you’re leaking velocity and goes one step further… Provides you with a daily schedule and program to fix your individual problem. Takes the guess-work out of the whole equation, and relieves you of the stress of not knowing what you should be doing.

You’ll know. The rest is up to you. It’s called… “The Neu-Velocity Program”.

I’ll tell you more soon.

P.S.S: Check out this Before/After Core Velocity Belt video and see if you can spot the difference before I share it with you inside the video break-down session