How to Become an Elite Pitching Coach—Using The World’s #1 System For Helping PitchersMaximize Their Velocity, Stay Injury Resistant And Achieve Peak Performance!

The Baseball Think Tank Certification (BTC) Instructor Workshop Nashville, TN, United States _____________ 2017

Led by Baseball Think Tank Founder Lantz Wheeler


Hey guys I’m Lantz Wheeler.

Since I created Baseball Think Tank back in the summer of 2011, I had no idea at the time that my unique system, and approach, for teaching pitchers to FEEL their mechanics would redefine the pitching development landscape on a national level. In fact – the ground-breaking system has been credited for helping tens of thousands of pitchers break through the limitations and frustrations of traditional and largely ineffective performance development methods.

Here’s why the top college programs and MLB coaches/instructors swear by the ‘Baseball Think Tank Coaching Model’….​

Baseball Think Tank challenges rigid thinking and outdated ideas about how best to develop pitchers to reach their potential. I’m constantly finding new ways to empower you, the coach, to get beyond outdated methods and tactics to allow the pitchers you work with to achieve their full athletic potential by offering you the most effective, results-producing methods, concepts and strategies on the planet. We create equipment and systems like the Core Velocity Belt that free you from the wasted effort and time associated with the traditional approaches that leave your pitchers short of their potential and fail to separate you as a coach.

In fact – coaching pitchers to 'Trust what they FEEL’ not only fast-tracks you to expert status… But – it speeds up the development rate and gives new meaning to the concept of ‘muscle memory’.​

And because of the success we’ve achieved and growing popularity across the continent, I’m getting flooded with calls, and requests, asking if there’s anyone I recommend in different regions of the country to provide the same level of instruction that’s been made famous by the site.

Because of this, we’ve decided to deliver our highest level of curriculum – which is specifically designed for coaches - rather than parents and pitchers - in a format that will allow you to master the Baseball Think Tank instructional SYSTEM and completely separate yourself from the competition.​

Whether you’re a College Coach who wants to win more games and have the ability to show recruits that when a pitcher enters your program they see dramatic improvement, a High School or Travel Ball Coach who wants to develop Championship caliber pitchers (and get more of your players signed) or a Pitching Instructor who wants to build a business that is positioned as your market’s go to solution for helping pitchers reach their potential - this high level curriculum is designed specifically for YOU.​

We’ve packaged this cutting edge curriculum into a weekend Certification Workshop where you can become a Baseball Think Tank Certified Coach and master the knowledge and skills you need to help your pitchers reach their true potential.​

And there's ONLY ONE PITCHING CERTIFICATION PROGRAM in the world that delivers the depth and breadth of core competencies critical to successfully coaching pitchers… The Baseball Think Tank Certification, the BTC…​

The Baseball Think Tank Certification Course Teaches You:​

How to Coach By Feel — The Single Biggest Game Changer That Will Set You Apart and Give You A Competitive Advantages Over Other Coaches.  

How To Develop Velocity - You’ll Learn To Avoid The Common  

➤ Approaches That Yield Minimal Results And Become A Master At What Really Works.  

How To Improve Control And Command With All Of Your Pitchers Almost Instantly - You’ll Discover How To Get Your Pitchers To Become Their Own Coach And Actually Improve Pitch By Pitch.  

How To Maximize Bullpens So That Your Pitchers Improve Every Session - you’ll have a proven system that consistently improves your pitchers and prepares them for competition.  

How To Master The Art & Sci&nce Of Coaching - and get past all of the myths that are holding pitchers from reaching their potential.  

How To Implement An Arm Care Program That Yields Results - and avoid the outdated tubing and band exercises that could actually be doing more harm than good.  

How To Develop An In-Season Program That Actually Develops Velocity - without long toss or weighted balls.  

How To Quickly & Easily&Help Your Pitchers Master The Mental Game - you’ll learn the 3-step checklist that will make your pitchers mentally tough almost instantly.  

How To Implement A Strength & Conditi&ning Program For Maximum Improvement - You’ll know what to have your pitchers working on and what they should avoid to get the most from their training efforts.  

How To Make Coaching Mechanics Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible - And get your pitchers to be able to adapt and improve within just a couple of pitches.  

How To Help Pitchers Develop Quality Off-Speed Pitches FAST - No more struggling with picking up a changeup or breaking ball ever again.  

How To Use Video To Improve Your Pitchers - without spending hours and hours on video analysis.  

In short - you’ll learn all of this and more. But more importantly, you’ll actually coach it throughout the course of the Certification weekend so that you can master these new concepts and skills.  

See, that’s the problem with programs and seminars. You may have access to new concepts - but how do you know if you’re actually using them properly? In short - you don’t. In fact, most coaches don’t implement even 5% of what they get in a product or see at a seminar. But at the Baseball Think Tank Certification Course you’ll follow this 3 Step Formula to hard-wire these concepts into your coaching methodology: Step One: You’ll learn the new concept of skill. We’ll be breaking everything down so that it’s easy to understand and easy for you to implement. Step Two: You’ll practice coaching the concept or skill in a hands on setting with the other coaches so that you can get a true feel for how you’re going to be plugging it into your system and the results it’s going to yield. Step Three: You’ll put it to the test. The BTC concludes with a practical exam where you’ll display your mastery of the entire BTC System to gain your Certified status. You’ll review videos and diagnose pitchers. You’ll do hands on coaching. By the end of the weekend you’ll own this new System and be ready to use it with your pitchers. Still wondering if the Baseball Think Tank Certification will be the single best pitching coach development experience of your life…? Then read this now:  

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The Baseball Think Tank Certification Program 

Where: Next Level Baseball Training Facility, Nashville, TN  

When: _____________  

Begins _____________________ Concludes ___________________  

Certification fee: $799  

$300.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions. No refunds on cancellations after _____________  

**This Certification workshop limited to 25 participants.m (It’s sold out the last 3 events) Workshop price does not include room & board or meals. A map for the location and a list of convenient hotels/motels will be provided to all registrants.  

Trust What You FEEL!