Real quick…

I just counted it up and there’s 79 NCAA D1 programs, 200+ colleges in all… That are using The Core Velocity Belt daily.

14 of the Top 25┬áprograms all use The Core Velocity Belt and here’s why:

– Their pitchers were struggling to transfer velocity to the mound.

– When their pitchers did try to cut it loose, they couldn’t find the strike zone consistently

– They were struggling teaching their pitchers how to effectively use their lower-half, and were battling a lot of sore arms on the staff.

And finally they realized the problem…

The reason their pitchers’ were struggling with nagging elbow/shoulder pain – throwing consistent strikes, and a lack of velocity had nothing whatsoever to do with arm strength.

It wasn’t even bad mechanics.

The reason their pitchers were struggling with all these issues was simple.

They had no idea how to take advantage of “Peer Pressure” to increase their arm speed on the spot.

That’s right… The body works as a system.

And the body’s number #1 goal is to protect itself at all times.

But – There’s a way to use this built-in security measure to trick your body into throwing harder, easier and safer.
And that’s exactly how The Core Velocity Belt increases your velocity, while reducing your effort and stress on your shoulder/elbow.
Anyways –

The hips are the center of your body, they’re the fuse box between the upper and lower body.

Whenever you learn how to move faster and more efficiently with your hips…

You trick the arm into thinking “it’s running out of time”, so it finds the most efficient path from A-B… Forcing it to move faster, on the spot.

And that’s how velocity is increased so quickly, without you having to ‘OVER-think” your mechanics.

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