Have you ever asked yourself... 

"Why Can't I Throw Harder?" 

For starters... You're Trying Way Too Hard To Throw Fast and It's Slowing You Down!

The 1st step you need to take is:

  • Forget about mechanics...
  • Stop watching slo-mo videos and...
  • Put down the weighted balls for a minute. 

Think about it for a second. If all it took to throw 90 MPH was 'good' mechanics and a weighted ball program, every kid in America would throw 90 MPH, but they don't. 


Because most of you struggling with velocity have no idea...

How to grip the ball correctly. (84% of pitchers who attend one of my sold-out 3-Day Core Velocity Training Programs realize the grip alone, was holding them back.)

  or brain to throw harder right now without ever thinking about your mechanics ever again. 

Yeah, I'm telling you right now there's a lot of things you could do right now to immediately see a jump in velo. And we're talking brain-dead simple ways to increase your velocity. It's not rocket science. 

Listen to what these guys experienced after learning to apply the same "velo hacks" I'm sharing with you today.  


Years ago, a good friend of mine coached a young man that had all the talent in the world. He'd always been the top player on each of his teams. Spent most of his time hitting in the 3-hole, playing short stop and making throws from the outfield wall to the plate, look effortless.  

But -  

Whenever it was his time to pitch from the game-mound, the kid with the Golden Arm couldn't do it. 1. His velocity evaporated like rain before it ever touches the ground. 2. His mentality went from that of a meat-hungry wolf to a grass eating bunny rabbit. 3. His confidence dropped like a rock being tossed into a wishing well.  

I know what you're saying... He was just born with God-given talent! Nope.  

Truth was... ● This kid was by far and away the hardest working player on the field. (Maybe that was his problem? Most often, it's the hardest workers whom suffer from this disease, I'll tell you why in a moment.) ● The kid looked like a million bucks in practice. ● He could throw frozen ropes from the outfield fence to home plate, without it even looking like he was really trying.  

And no matter what he tried to do...  

Nothing worked. ● He reached out to pitching coach after pitching coach, only to be told something entirely different from each of them... ● He wasted most of his training time attempting to change or adjust his pitching mechanics... ● He experimented with dangerous weighted-ball programs that only made his arm sore... ● He spent hours upon hours researching this 'pitching thing' only to find himself more confused than when he started...  

Before you knew it, the game of baseball and his quest for 'In-Game Velocity", ate him alive.  

Eventually, the poor kid and his family were so grief stricken by the internal and external pressures to throw harder, they eventually moved on to another sport, soccer.  

Good news is...  

That same kid would go on to become one of the best soccer players in Kentucky High School history. 


So, it's the middle of the season for most of you....

So I thought it would be the perfect time to sit down with your son and show him a few simple tips that will not only boost his velocity, but also his confidence.. Right now.  

Truth is… Most pitchers I see would have been better off without a pitching coach. I say this because today’s pitchers hear way too many different voices. And in the process, never learn to listen to their own.  

  • They don’t trust it. 
  • They don’t FEEL it. 

They just do what their told but it doesn’t work and the reason it doesn’t is because nobody knows your body better than you.  

Thing is...You don’t trust it.  

And the reason why he’s doesn’t trust, and never will unless you start doing something differently is:

  • He’s Over-Thinking just about every move he makes.  
  • He’s Over-complicating the entire process and that’s not fun.  
  • He’s making simple, simple mistakes that are being over looked by every expert he encounters.  
  • He’s never been taught the right way, spends most of his time learning how to do the wrong thing right.  

So, that’s why I’m writing you today. I can help.  

Not only can I help you, I’m going to guarantee you… At least one, if not all, of the 7 In-Season Velocity Hacks will boost your velocity by the end of dinner.  

If it doesn’t, you can keep it and keep trying, and I will send you every single penny back, plus give you an added bonus.  

Here’s what you get at 100% no-risk….  

Velocity Hack #1: How to throw faster without trying to throw harder. (My MLB guys make a living off this one.)  

VH#1 Bonus: 2 Ways you could make a mistake every on every single pitch… And the hitter will never know.  

Velocity Hack #2: How To Give The Optical Illusion of Higher Velocity… When it’s actually slower. (A lot of the college and professional programs I work with would all agree when I say…. “Want to learn how to throw harder… Throw slower.)  

Velocity Hack #3: Why Your Thumbprint Could Be The Reason You Won’t Sign. (If only more pitchers knew how badly their thumb was killing them… Disastrous)  

Velocity Hack #4: How To Slow Down Your Mind To Speed Up Your Arm While Shutting Down The Running Game.. Without Changing A Thing.  

*If you’ve ever struggled with velocity from the stretch, it dropped from the wind-up… This one hack alone could change your career, seriously.  

Velocity Hack #5: The Sweet Sound of Velocity… How we use the science of a loud popping catchers mitt to train velocity  

This hack is great for coaches who want to create a competitive environment and the best part is… They will compete with quality throws on every throw learning how to improve velocity and command at the same time. This one is worth its weight in gold.  

Velocity Hack #6: How To Get More From The Ground And Lower Body By Using Any Weight Scale You’ve Probably Got In Your Bathroom… Right now.  

By far and away the easiest way in the world to teach a pitcher how to use his legs. Best part - The results are instant.  

Velocity Hack #7: How To Hot Wire The Scout’s Radar Gun (In your favor)….Right In Front Of His Eyes. (Every pitcher who attends a showcase camp needs this one.)  

This could literally get you signed at the next showcase… If nothing else it’s going to make them think you throw 2-3 mph harder, than you really do.  

Bonus Velocity Hack: How to use an every day Halloween toy to learn exactly which breaking ball you’re naturally born to throw.  

By far and away the fastest and most effective for determining on the spot, with visual proof… The safest and most natural arm slot for any player, pitcher or fielder.  

Again, all I’m asking you to do is give 7 Velocity Hacks a try and if you don’t gain velocity from at least one, if not all…. I’ll give you every single penny back plus a bonus.  

The reason I’m doing this is because I know they work and I’m tired of pitchers spending most of their time doing the wrong thing right.  

Either gain velocity right now, or get every single penny of my investment back… Hey I can’t lose… (You say to yourself.)  

Don’t take a genius to take a chance on this one… Nothing to lose.  

Without You Having To Worry About Changing One Single Thing With Your Pitching Mechanics!

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You Will Get "7 In-Game Velocity Hacks" That Can Be Used RIGHT NOW to add Real Game-Time Velocity:  

If you're serious about adding velocity and you want to increase your velocity without un-necessary risks to your arm, or having to re-wire stubborn pitching mechanics...  

Trust What You FEEL!