Fellas, I’ve never claimed to be the smartest guy in the room.

And neither has our middle daughter.

I’d never fool you anyways.

I come from a small town in KY and have so many damn kids that I’m looking for a wood paneled station wagon if you know somebody that’s got one.

Heck, I’m the only person I know that received his associates degree the same day as receiving a BS degree in Exercise Physiology.

What’s that say about me.

And you want to know something?  I’m content with knowing, I don’t know.

The best part about being a dumbass is that you find yourself MacGyvering your way around the pitching facility. And over the years, I’ve discovered some pretty cool training techniques:

Here’s a few of my favorites that’s only available to my private clientele and campers:

  • How to use only your eyes to get greater hip rotation.
  • Why only pigeon-toed pitchers are affected by the Inverted W
  • How to move slower to throw faster

I could go on, and on.  But, I’m not. While you’re here, follow me on twitter –

Instead I’m going to focus on today’s post.

One where I’m going to show you exactly what I’ve done with my son over the years, and why.

Back track 6 years…

“Wow!  This baby boy is red-headed!”  said the nurse with the thick Cajun accent.

Holy crap… my pitcher’s a ginger!  I thought to myself.

And since that first day, I made a decision to follow a plan of action.  I’m glad I did.
You see….

Early development is extremely important.  It’s the reason you start early with your kids on the benefits of reading, good manners, respect to others.
Because you realize the lessons you teach them will carry over into adult-hood and the earlier they learn these lessons, the more likely they are to stick.


Well, my kid ain’t got the best manners, but he does feel pretty good about himself.   Honestly, that’s been my goal since day #1.  It’s never really been about him being some throwing savant.  We all know how stories like that end, anyways.

Poor kid ends up in some trailer wearing a gimp suit?
No thanks.

My goal for son since Day 1 has been pretty simple:

FEEL Invincible.
In the early stages of development, my goal was to help him paint his masterpiece called the almighty, “Self Portrait”.

Why?   Because it’s impossible for you to ever outrun the way you see yourself.

The painting you hang on the wall is how others will see you.

So, I wanted his picture to be one of confidence, swagger, energy, compassion, etc…. My second goal for my son was to…

2.  Create a learned association and Love for the game of baseball.

3.  Build the Father/Son relationship and experience the memories that will be felt long after I’m not feeling too good.

All in all my plan for his development will consist of the basics of Player Development…

    1.  Painting your self portrait to FEEL Invincible
    2.   Learning to Compete In Empty Rooms
    3.  Finally, putting it all together to Trust what you FEEL!

I’ll explain more about the Mind-Body-Ground Development Connection later, but for now…  I want you to know that everything I’m having him do today is based on the concept…


Think with the end in Mind and work backwards…


In the end, the goal is simple…

Be The Guy Nobody Wants To Throw With!

Ok, I get it.

You came here for one thing and one thing only…

3 Red-Neck Velocity Programs Backed By Rocket Science

And if truth be told, you’re probably expecting this to be pretty complex.

After all, it’s a velocity program.

We both know how it is… Geez… These days you’ve got to have a PhD in pitching mechanics just to know how to stand on the mound. Whatever happened to the good ole days where you just went out in the yard with your brother, or friend, and  played “Burn-out”?

Burn-out these days has taken on a completely different meaning.

It literally means “burn-out”, can’t take it.  I quit.

Not back then… It meant you either smoked way too much ‘you know what’ or you just got your hand burnt out.  It worked for me, so I’m introducing it to my son.


Red-Neck Velocity Program Backed By Rocket Science #1:  The Only Reason Girls Throw Like A Girl Is Because They’re Dad Does


Luckily for Rex, he’s got two older sisters…. And both of them despise baseball.

They hate it.

And I wonder why?  It was cause ole Dad messed it up for them. Here’s the biggest mistakes I made that I hope you will avoid:

      • I stressed skill before ability.
      • I was setting them up to fail by throwing them the baseball and hoping they could catch it.

And these would eventually back-fire. Why?

Unknowingly, being the dumb-ass I am… I helped them out by lightly tossing the ball directly into their glove, and then I’d clap. Nice, Genius!

Talking about reinforcing the wrong thing.  (Unknowingly, I was creating a positive learned association for the ‘wrong things’)

Just like this guy…

Rocket Science Moral: Your kids will do what you do. Throw it like a girl, throw it like a girl. It’s not their fault, it’s yours.

Watch this video as I explain in detail…

Moral of the story: The reason my girls can’t throw is because early in Life they associated the act of throwing a baseball that was dominated by a flipping of the wrists.

It’s what I was doing in hopes of them catching the ball, NOT throwing it.

Bad mistake.

Want to make a note: Obviously, that wasn’t me in the Volkswagen commercial. I don’t own a Volkswagen. Let’s keep moving.

Lesson learned, adjustments made.

Now that you’ve seen where I went wrong, here’s how I finally decided I was going to teach Rex to catch, without interfering with his natural throwing mechanics.

The progressions I used to teach my little man to catch, without breaking his nose.
And I told each of my buddies and clients…

“Whenever you throw with Rex, I want you to do two things…”

#1: Throw it as hard as you can but nowhere near him….

#2: If you’re not going to throw it hard, roll it to him on the ground so he doesn’t begin to associate the act of throwing as a passive one. Word spread.

So, when it was time for him to make his first ever debut at Wrigley Field, he was ready. (Watch what the Cubs pitcher does in the video.)

Again, the goal to any goal… is via learned association. I repeat….

      • It’s all about learned association.
      • It’s all about learned association.
      • It’s all about learned association.

You gotta think of these rotten kids like Pavlov’s dog. Get them salivating when they see you pick up a ball.

      1. Make it fun.
      2. Make it exciting.
      3. Forget about mechanics and instruction.

6 Father/Son Coaching Tips Backed By Rocket Science:

        1. You just worry about the environment he’s training in.
        2. Remember that everything you say, will affect what you see.
        3. Everything you say and all he sees, will affect how FEELs about himself.
        4. Make him FEEL good about himself.
        5. Do your best to put him in Win/Win situations.
        6. Teach him to control what’s inside his circle, not yours. Not mine.

Cause truth be told…

          • Your mechanics are molded and shaped by your environment
          • Your potential will never surpass the self-portrait you hand on the wall

Looking back, my only regret is not living on a tropical island and throwing coconuts… Talking about a HUGE advantage for pitchers, just ask Bartolo Colon how he throws so hard.

Red-Neck Velocity Program Backed By Science #2: How To Avoid Being Fined By Your Neighborhood Home Owners Association After They Spot The Red-Neck Plastic Pool Hanging On The Front Of The House?

You simply move it to the backyard, geeez.. Some of you guys.

Here’s the video of Rex using The Red-Neck Swimming Pool Velocity Technique.

I told you earlier that I’d be sharing 3 Red-Neck velocity tips with you but, apparently I lied.

The youngest baby of ours just pooped in the floor and she’s grabbing me by the hand right now, pointing towards the pile. Gotta go, but I’ll be back tomorrow where I’ll pick up where we left off.

I’ll share with you…

          1. How to use Red-Neck Radar Like A Bat… To Avoid The Ball Getting Hit By One.
          2. How To Incinerate Plastic To Mold Powerful Pitching Mechanics

Plus, a few more. Don’t miss it.

Oh… Why you’re here I just wanted you to know that a little bit of Red-Neck Science and whole lot of Rocket Science will be shared at Palooza16 this year.

And even if you can’t be one of the lucky 250 that get in the door, you can watch the entire thing from your living room 100 times over. If you’re a serious baseball guy, how could you not add the Palooza16 DVD set to your collection, seriously! Off to clean some poop.

Cya tomorrow.

Trust what you FEEL!




P.S: I want you to do two things…

#1: Leave a comment below, nice, mean or nasty… I want to hear from you.

#2: Quit spending so much time talking about outcomes (pitching mechanics)… Spend more time with what you can control, that being the inputs.

The real secret to player development can be found inside your training environment.. You control that, own it.

I’ll show you how tomorrow.

P.S.S: Last thing…. I put in a lot of time and now I”m going to clean poop off the floor, return the favor by sharing this post with your friends.


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