It’s hard to believe I’m even talking about Pitch-a-Palooza again.

Seems like yesterday Palooza15 went in the record books, and here it is September again.

What’s crazy about announcing Palooza16 is that people everywhere are still blowing me up about last year’s Pitch-a-Palooza and why wouldn’t they?

So, for those of you who have never Experienced Palooza, here’s your chance. I’ve put together 4 or 5 Palooza Trailers that just happen to be some of my all-time favorites.

After you watch the following trailers, leave a comment and tell me which one was your favorite.

Here’s the man himself, Eric Cressey.

I’m just going to put this out there for you. Whenever you have an event that attracts rock-stars like the Eric Cressey’s of the World, it’s gotta pretty good, right?

Next up, the crowd favorite from last year’s event, Dr. Allen Sills.

Dr. Sills is one of the top neuro-surgeons in the country and what he’s about to share with you today, is stupid. Yeah, I said it, stupid.

After I think about it… Stupid isn’t the write word. Let’s go with Ridiculous.

Where else in the world would you have a guy like Dr. Sills, one of the top neuro-surgeons, on-stage sharing his knowledge about ‘motor learning’ and how it can easily be applied to the Art & Science of pitching?

Want to know the fastest way to get a player to FEEL the strike-zone… And why muscle memory is a lie, not to mention the 10,000 Hour Rule… It’s all here.

All you gotta do is watch this video…

Eric Cressey and now Dr. Allen Sills, both together at the same event, dropping knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb… Only at Pitch-a-Palooza.

Alright, so far you’ve seen a strength trainer, a neuro-surgeon and next up is a…. Engineer.

But, not just any engineer.

This next guy coined the phrase, “Intent to throw hard.”

And shaped just about every other thought found at Baseball Think Tank. And to be perfectly honest with you? Paul Nyman was the reason I started Pitch-a-Palooza, I’ll tell you more about that later.

For now, enjoy what Paul Nyman brought to the stage last year…

What’s next, geez.

How about more Paul Nyman?

Here’s Paul’s speech from the Original Palooza back in 13′. Game-changer!

Sorry, one of my favorite presentations ever from the Palooza Files.

Anyways… You like hitting, forgot to ask?

Well then you’re going to love this next one because it will set your hair on fire. Trust me.

Being I just dropped an Old-School Palooza Video straight out of my hidden Palooza Files, I guess we could go a little = play one of the most popular presentations in Palooza history, sine we are here, right?

In fact…

This next guy hates pitching.

Wants nothing at all to do with pitching.

Even worse… This guy was telling everyone that would listen why you should do your best to trash bullpens and steal trophies.

Meet Matt Deggs, the Head-Coach at Sam Houston State. (Just be ready – this presentation could leave you with chills.)

But, that’s just a few presenters on the Main Stage.

Every heard of The Core Velocity Bonus Session, that goes down on the Thursday before Palooza kicks off?

Here you go, meet Wes Johnson, the pitching coach at Arkansas.

We are going to stop it here today, but I promise I got a whole lot more where that came from. Actually close 100 hours more, all locked up and stored away. But, like everything else, that’s going to change real soon.

In celebration of Pitch-a-Palooza and of course in celebration of The Core Velocity Belt receiving it patent this past week… I’m doing this something a little insane.

At last count, I had close to 500 Palooza15 videos that I’ve never released to the general public. Sure, I’ve got my reasons. And the reason is simple…

The information contained in last year’s event alone is 5 years ahead of anything you could hope to read on the internet.

It’s comparable to jumping in a time-machine and being dropped back off in your conference, holding information your peers could only hope to have. But if they hadn’t attended a Palooza event, well, they’re s*** out of luck aren’t they.

So, if you’ve attended a Palooza event before, what I’m about to do may offend you, sorry.

I’m actually releasing the Hidden Palooza15 Files at a discounted price of nearly $300 off.  (PROMO CODE:  DVD)

Instead of the original sale price of $599, I’m offering them to you at $299, today only.

Get all 16 videos for only $299, that’s $18.68 cents each.  

But, you better act fast because the price will raise tomorrow night at midnight. Take advantage of this, while you can, trust me.

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Trust what you FEEL!



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